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Damn this makes me feel so old! Ace ventura quote shikaka shirt but now I see this came out twenty four years ago and I suddenly have a cane and enough hard candy in my purse to feed a village! Damn where did the time go? This is when Jim Carrey was absolutely great now he’s just so far gone that he acts like he’s off his meds. I’m waiting for Jim Carrey and Adam sandler to do a movie together, that would be hilarious. The part where he’s sneaking through the mansion, and he pretends to slip on the railing is the single most genius example of physical comedy in modern cinema. Now Jim Carey is actually going insane. A lifetime of playing characters has destroyed his sense of self. Dude is about to go certifiable.

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I had a my buddy doll when I was like five but Ace ventura quote shikaka shirt father that used to scare us throwing it at us saying it was chucky. Cuz I around the same time was when they made the 1st chucky movie. I hated that doll after that I was. I furnt it, beat the crap out of it, smashed it’s head in with corners, hung it. What didn’t I do to it. Thought this was funny when I was younger. I watched a couple weeks ago and it’s ridiculously not funny. It would never be able to be made now. The scene alone when he found out the transsexual woman kissed him then he goes off for ten min was hard to stomach back in the day. Yes I remeber this movie! Guy’s after that kept on saying alrighty than like as if we didn’t know where they stolen that line! Geeks man.

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