American Canadian US EH shirt

American Canadian US EH shirt

We are going to tell you a secret, something we have never publicized to our followers, but it is important, so please indulge us. We started this page years ago as a direct result of all of the American Canadian US EH shirt. Not because we lean right or lean left but because our news feed became inundated with hateful memes and hurtful comments. Every Canadian Page we subscribed to, from local radio stations to nationally known pages, were spamming these hateful and hurtful memes, posts, comments, over and over again. So after a few pints (we’re Canadian after all) and a long discussion we decided to start this page, a page that was non-political, a page that did not constantly link negative and hateful posts just for click bait.

American Canadian US EH shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies tee, sweater

American Canadian US EH hoodie
American Canadian US EH ladies tee
ladies tee
American Canadian US EH sweater
American Canadian US EH tank top
tank top

Best American Canadian US EH shirt

So in keeping with our founding tradition, we are not going to post memes, comments or articles bashing the American Canadian US EH shirt. What we will say is this, Canadians love Americans, Americans love Canadians, we have been friends, allies and family for a VERY long time, we have supported each other through difficult times, we have leaned on each other and we have always been there for one another when needed. Our bond transcends any one president or prime minister, it is a bond forged through over a hundred years of friendship, respect, and love, a bond that we have no doubt what-so-ever will endure.

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