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It’s not always easy to talk to parents, you know. Beavis and Butthead shirt, last Saturday after we had been swimming, I bought a really nice chocolate cake and my friend Ben and my Baba was with me in a café. I was eating my cake when my Baba whispers in my ear that I have to give some of my cake to my friend Ben. Baba said that this is a custom in Turkish culture. It took me ages to whisper back and explain to my Baba that in English culture it is rude to offer my friend half eaten cake as I know he has some money in his pocket, and if he wanted to have some cake he would buy some for himself.

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Adem explains to us that his Baba has lived in England for a Beavis and Butthead shirt, but he still does not have many English friends. The young boy says it is as if his father still lives as he used to live in Turkey. That is okay, Adem tells us, ‘but it is sometimes difficult for me to understand some of the Turkish traditions, and there are so many of them to remember. Adem has almost arrived at the meeting point where his Baba has told him to wait to be picked up after school.

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