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You become an alcoholic? Its addictive, Beer camping country music shirt. People don’t drink it for its vitamins, they drink it to escape reality and responsibility. Not to mention the waste of good hard earned money.Just my opinion, and I know it’s not a popular one. My father in law drinks everyday. Needed open heart surgery. He’s only fifty one. He’s not going to be around much longer. If this is supposedly true, I need written proof from a dr and the statistics from the data collected. So pretty much everyone from Wisconsin is going to have strong bones with super good sleep and good heart health we get our numbers mixed up though on the weekends. Since I cut out alcohol my health and sleep quality improved dramatically. Sometimes being in tune with your body says more than all this science.

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Longsleeve Tee
Beer camping country music Sweater
Beer camping country music V-neck T-shirt
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I didn’t read all the comments. Beer camping country music shirt cure the body, but it will show it a good time. I had my first beer in the air force. I didn’t drink much or often. I only felt bad a few times. It wasn’t my fault. The sidewalk jumped up and hit me in the face. I had an uncle who drank beer everyday of his life and his life only lasted till sixty. Cause of death was cardiovascular disease. Not true, it increases blood pressure in your body and it may start building fats in the liver which cause cirrhosis in future and affect kidney by changing its function When alcohol dehydrates dries out the body, the drying effect can affect the normal function of cells and organs, including the kidneys. It clearly states that a beer a day can help you. Not more than that which many of the family.

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