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This brought me tears, I had to put my sweet Big Chungus 80s shirt from bone rot in his jaw the one vet two weeks before this didn’t take the actual time to examine him, my guess because not everyone sees rabbits as a loving pet. He came when called, loved his butt scratch and died in my arms. I have to pick his ashes up tomorrow. Here is the last picture I have of him. My Diva is just like that. Every night I come back from work, she does that piggy sound and starts running in circles and standing by two feet, asking me to pick her, hug and kiss her. Then she starts licking my face and my neck, arms, etc all over the place ahah. Then I bring her to my bed and she sleeps with me for a while, always with his head under my neck, ’cause she feels protected that way. So many don’t know that rabbits are super loving.

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Big Chungus 80s Hoodie
Big Chungus 80s Ladies Tee
Ladies Tee
Big Chungus 80s Longsleeve Tee
Longsleeve Tee
Big Chungus 80s Sweater
Big Chungus 80s V-neck T-shirt
V-neck T-shirt

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Mine is crazy for treats and loves everyone Big Chungus 80s shirt the dogs. Someone found him outside abandoned, with no ears it tail. I took him. He lives a cage free life indoors now. Love that furry dude! This is the most beautiful video of showing that a bunny does have feelings and so much love for hoomins as long as we respect them touched by this. These two rescued cuties are always excited to see me same as both of my cats and the 5 horses I take care of the horses are not mine. How sexy these kinda men are…showing pure love to animal only make man unbelievably attractive. Who cares what they are, they love animals! And that love is returned in kind! I always think how lost an animal must feel.

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