I only build boys shirt

You chose that husband. I don’t let my guy go without doing laundry or there will be a I only build boys shirt. It’s all split equally and if he doesn’t want to do his share guess who doesn’t get dinner, clean underwear, or loving. You put the precident in place by being to complacent and letting him walk all over you. The house would be better. No nagging, no whining, no cheesy performance of how being a woman and mom is so difficult, oh whoa is me! Did these husbands never live on their own? I cant understand how a grown adult doesnt know how to take care of themselves or a house.

I only build boys shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

I only build boys Sweater
I only build boys V-neck t-shirt
V-neck t-shirt
I only build boys Hoodie
I only build boys Ladies tee
Ladies tee

Best I only build boys shirt

Glad my MIL raised my I only build boys shirte. Does she not have to work too just a stay st home mom? Fuck you know what’s even worse that plus a job being sick then having to catch up while doing everything she just listed plus going to work for 8 hours everyday I wish I could be a stay at home home and only have to parent and clean. The other day I was cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. My daughter walks straight past her dad who was just standing there drinking water, and I was elbow deep in dish water to get her something. I stopped, took off my kitchen gloves, smile and took her by the shoulders.

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