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I am glad she spoke out. It is so hard for the  some men to Official Hard Rock cafe Crystal Lake shirt understand that nervous laughter is a reaction to discomfort. It is primal, from our amygdala. It doesn’t mean we like it, and it doesn’t mean we think you are funny. I bet the father never knew that his only flesh and blood would take his life one day. The very hands that kept this child alive since he was bought into this world only to have his child take his life. What is a detriment to their health was brought on by the adults who brought them up here along with that route of tears. The adults should be jailed for child endangerment. Nobody, not even Republicans, wants to take away abortion rights in cases of medical, rape and incest.

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You guys should listen to what the Official Hard Rock cafe Crystal Lake shirt opposing side has to say instead of what the democrats want you to hear. I understand there are times it’s necessary. But you need to understand that it can’t be treated like a facial. Stopping in for an abortion during your lunch break is wrong! Especially when it’s your third one. It’s not gonna work. You’ve got to have some ideas that will better our country not destroy it. Despite the cheers of abc and the media, people in America are tired of you guys trashing the president. That’s all you’ve got and we see right they it. Are we really going to let ABC think for us? This is truly so partisan reporting that we should all be scared. It does not matter who you support this is scary.

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