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That way he could claim an Can we just play dnd shirt. Narcissists are incapable of giving sincere apologies because that requires that the narcissist actually feels bad for hurting some one that he claims to love. Having remorse for getting caught and having consequences is different from the remorse that you get with empathy of causing someone else pain, admitting your wrong doing, offering some thing up to fix your wrong doing restitution, and resolving never to do it again. I worked with him on respect. The point was moot because he couldn’t agree to use the definition that they taught our kids in elementary school that respect means that you treat others the way that you want to be treated.

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At this point, I realized that no amount of counseling could fix our Can we just play dnd shirt and that I had nothing to work with to fix our marriage. Later, I realized that his response to confirmed everything that I said. Much later than that, I realized that I did not matter in the relationship. I am still trying to recover mattering to myself again. Because they have no empathy, they basically love you the way they love their car, or a hobby, or a football team. Scott Peck describes love as a willful act of choosing to nourish spiritual growth. Scott Peck describes human evil as willfully causing harm or diminishing spiritual growth, which is usually done for selfish or self serving reasons.

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