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Why didn’t she want 50/50 parenting time? Cat lil bub rest in peace shirt, she did feel like one home for the kids was best, but I know that she didn’t believe it enough to be the parent who visited. I think she saw anything less that “full custody the term she liked to use as a loss that would reflect poorly on her but somehow didn’t think it reflected poorly on me. I know that she like to be in control and be the one who decided what was right. Money was a significant driver as well. What I didn’t know was what a drunk the boyfriend was, and how alcohol fueled their relationship was. I also didn’t know that she’d gotten a DUI as well as possibly talking her way out of one. And then she got stopped for drunk driving with our kids in the car. She told the cops that I was “out of the picture. My kids were on the verge of getting handed over to child protective services when my oldest managed to get someone to call me.

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The simple fact is she stood to receive more money the less time I had with Cat lil bub rest in peace shirt. She liked to turn it around and say that the only reason I wanted more time was to reduce the amount I payed. Probably one of the most offensive things she ever said to me. We both set about trying to get what we thought was best for our kids and ourselves. Me pushing for equal custody and parenting time and her asking for primary custody. In the end, I ended up with sole custody (physical and legal). Why sole custody, when I was so sure that shared custody and equal parenting time was best for the kids? Because things had changed.

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