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Super unsanitary to cut raw chicken Crazy chicken lady shirt and even more unsanitary to cut the garlic on the same board. Kids say no to salmonella. I love reading the comments on these cooking videos you get the arm chair health inspectors, peta warriors, the arm chair cooks and those that are grossed about everything on the recipe. Hilarious. Well after the messages you’ve written up about not needing me at all just you and Ben maybe you can make it for each other. That really hurt. I stopped watching when you guys made that bean cheese enchilada? Burrito monstrosity. Like yeah I’m sure it tastes good with all that cheese but it’ll be a soggy mess. Chicken looks uncooked! And write simple onion why red onion otherwise good idea to cook with diff. I don’t understand the hasselback if he wasn’t going to stuff goodies in it.

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Crazy chicken lady Sweater
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Longsleeve Tee
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Not to mention, the look of anything Crazy chicken lady shirt my skin crawl. Hard pass. I’ll make the one with the sauce and I’ll deep fry some already seasoned and breaded Tyson boneless chicken strips. Pour the sauce over the strips and eat it over white rice. The hassleback was a joke the chicken was dry it was a fucking enchilada and that is not how you make a rue. They all look good. Which one you want me to cook tomorrow. I’m down for either one. Even the enchilada. Does it bother anyone else that they didn’t even tell the chicken? I mean, it can look done on the outside but not fully cooked one hundred sixty five and you don’t die. Any recipe you use you can add to it modify it. Make it your own version. I will make this with turkey bacon and turkey pepperoni. And add various spices.

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