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It’s a sin to be this cute. Crazy shark lady shirt. Very mature mom is doing an awesome job. It’s super cute but hopefully she doesn’t grow up just demanding everyone named Alexa. Alexa knew what she was doing. She and everyone else in that household besides that precious baby girl is tired of listening to baby shark. But can we talk about her coat? And that Afro? And check out her dance moves , lol! This baby is gorgeous! I hate the song, but this cutie can make anyone love her jam. This video totally made my week! I’ve watched at least twenty times! So adorable when she turns around and says tell alexa. that face is like mom she just doesn’t understand me fix it now. This healed at least six things wrong in my life. Thank you to this little sweetheart’s mom and dad for bringing such adorableness into our world.

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Never heard of the song but her dance was Crazy shark lady shirt shark with her hands and all this was adorable. Very cute but never give up? Please, these kids have it so easy now. Just this evening I was explaining to my nice years old that when we wanted to hear a song on demand long before spotify and The internet existed, we had to wait by the radio until they announced it would play, have a blank tape ready to record and press play record. Listen to the whole song play then press stop precisely when the song ended, before the announcer would speak. And so, this several times if we wanted a whole mixed tape. My son’s mind was blown. I crack up every time she says baby shirk. This is so adorable these kids are growing up.

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