D Wade world tour shirt

D Wade world tour shirt

Only when you really turn up the juice and turn yourself into a D Wade world tour shirt and you manage to do this without stopping your heart, which is actually more vulnerable than your brain will some electrical current end up in your brain. But you’d know it, because you’d be in a lot of pain. Steady strong currents will cook human tissue. Skin, muscles, nerves… and yes, brain tissue. And that would cause serious, likely fatal damage. But we’d be talking about the kind of power you’d get from that instrument of merciful US justice, the electric chair. It’s almost funny, in a sad way, how much power early US executioners needed to apply before they managed to kill their first convicts.

D Wade world tour shirt, hoodie, sweater and tank top

D Wade world tour Hoodie
D Wade world tour Ladies tee
Ladies tee
D Wade world tour Sweater
D Wade world tour Tank top
Tank top

Best D Wade world tour shirt

In a modern household, there’s electricity all D Wade world tour shirt. But unless we touch live wires, we’re talking voltages and currents that would require sensitive instruments to measure. And in those doses, the electricity is captured and short circuited by our skin and other moist tissue, resulting in a tiny rise in temperature but no noticeable effects. The strength of electrical fields decreases with the square of the distance, so goes down drastically the farther you’re away from a source. It’s energy, it’s electricity, but only traces get anywhere near your brain, and they’ll be attenuated to the point where your brain’s own electrical activity drowns out the external noise.

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