Dallas Cowboys Stitch happy Easter shirt

He said that as part of the movie about Hillary on Hulu. He has a whole lot more to say than just that. Watch the movie folks it’s in part three I believe. I just watched it yesterday. The media is taking this out of context. I never understood what the big deal was. Hillary cut him off in the bedroom and he went somewhere else. This may be shocking to many of you it happens everyday.
 Hey Governor Cuomo I wouldn’t worry April is coming and it is getting warm weather djt said that when the warm weather comes in April we want have the coronavirus to worry about. And don’t worry cuz we are in the hands of one of the most competent devout Christian as in Mike Pence who bowed down and pray to the Lord for his pandemic and epidemic in his state of Indiana and when he prayed everything turned out just fine for his state. I mean all he had to do for us is Bow Down and pray to the Lord and ask the coronavirus to go away. And remember it is just a hoax. We have the two most competent men that was chosen by the oh Supreme one Mike Pence vice president and President.

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