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I want to point that the actual wording of your question reflects a fundamental misunderstanding about astrology. What you need to consider is that the astrological tapestry will always be true to the archetypal themes. That is a given. At the same time, there is a multi-dimensional range of ways these archetypes can express themselves. Let me give you a simple example. Imagine that you have a strong Capricorn and Aries dialogue in your chart. As you may know, these two signs are very much at odds with each other. Capricorn is the quest for perfect control, achievement, and high standards. Aries is the quest for ultimate freedom of expression and spontaneity. It is easy to see that a conflict is very likely.

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One extreme manifestation might be the goal oriented obsession of Capricorn is blocked repeatedly by the Aries resistance to following rules and regulations. You are ambitious and willing to work hard (Capricorn) but you strongly object to having limitations from your manager. Now, another possibility is that you have learned to balance the urge for freedom and being a pioneer (Aries) with the long term quest for meaningful goals (Capricorn) in a constructive way. Thus, you are willing to learn from your employer and still find a way to be innovative. Bottom line: there will always be a wide range of expression (manifestations) within the complex tapestry of archetypal principles.


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