Due for an Emu shirt

There are many flu strains the Due for an Emu shirt vaccine does not apply to the strain. I don’t care what they say every time I received the shot I ended up in ER days later with extremely high fevers.Reading the comments of the uneducated and stubborn on this thread makes me so sad for our society. Not everything is a conspiracy people!! The CDC is not out to mislead you. Please do actual legit research on the science behind vaccines instead of cherry picking from fake news sites to back up your baseless and absurd claims. Get the dang flu shot people! It not only could save your life but you get it could save the life of an immunocompromised person who can’t get the vaccine themselves.

Due for an Emu shirt, hoodie, sweater and tank top

Ladies tee
Tank top

Best Due for an Emu shirt

For dummies,  prevent you from the Due for an Emu shirt getting the flu, it just helps tremendously with the symptoms if you do get it… Like children have died from the flu from not getting the shot, if they had gotten it maybe it wouldn’t of got it that bad… And until you are going by ambulance to a hospital with a child that has rsv n flu that was admitted for 5 days and the chop team was thanking God he was vaccinated bc they just watched another baby die from the Same thing that was not vaccinated, don’t say vaccinations don’t help lol… All the antivaxers do is put people with compromised immune systems at risk. The benefits outweigh the risks when it comes to vaccinations… Very few and far between do people get bad reactions, just like every other drug or medicine out there

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