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I really wish facebook had a hide Fallout I am special shirt are just people tagging someone option because it sure would be nice to see if there’s any actual information in these comments. Please no settlement building nonsense in this one I wanna explore the wasteland, not micro manage five different mini-towns from constant threat. God, I hope you got rid of that terrible dialogue system actually junk the whole voiced character schtick. Go back to being Fallout and stop trying to be Mass effect or some other game! I tell you what though, I just read on Kotaku that this is going to be a multiplayer survival game like rust, or Conan exiles. That better not be the case. When I buy fallout I want a single player experience, I dont want to have to spend the entire game worrying about people much further ahead coming up, killing me, and ruining my progress.

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Any who wants it to be multiplayer or Fallout I am special shirt fallout its always been a solo game and should stay that way. Hope it fixes some of the problems with four and brings back the goods from three and New Vegas. Four was the worst one yet in the entire series. Good game, but still not as good as any other fallout game. Vault seventy six has been mentioned in fallout three and four so it’s still doesn’t help much as far as a clue to the location. However, the song does mention West Virginia so we could be seeing a bit of Appalachia. What’s interesting is that the vault looks pretty abandoned except for the player and some cardboard cutouts. On the Fallout Wiki it’s saying the vault held two hundred occupants and was set to open in 2076, twenty years after being sealed.

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