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I guess this goes without saying as this is common in all the GUI clients but Friends TV Show Friends sinister shirt. When I was using Source Tree, I always used to got to commandline to stage, commit and push. But with Kraken, I can do everything from the client. I can pull from the repo and push to the repo as well. Previously when using command line, I wasn’t using Stash as much as I should have mainly because I had to type a command that I usually don’t remember that well. Well, with Kraken, I use it all the time. Stash and Pop buttons are there right on the top and they make life easy.

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That’s right, you can undo what ever the mess you’ve created just by pushing a Friends TV Show Friends sinister shirt. I have seen so many beginners get confused with Git and this is just an amazing addition to have for those kind of people. So, this would be really useful if you’ve just started with Git and still figuring things out. I can do two for this. Let’s start first with the guy who came to the concrete plant that I ran and told me about how one of my drivers an him off the road into a ditch. The driver had already told me that the guy was angry as a driver) that the mixer truck was slowing him down. He’d sped around the truck and then ended up in the muddy ditch next to the truck in front.

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