I got no spare smokes shirt

I got no spare smokes shirt

That episode showing how special effects and the like I got no spare smokes shirt. I played the song from that show. Mr. Burton was very surprised but then led the audience in singing the song. He was a great guest and the fans just loved him. I also loved watching Reading Rainbow after school as a child. It makes me happy to know that the cause of literacy for all children was more than just a gig on a TV show, but an actual passion for his! He was one of the many people who taught how to read and enjoy it as a past time, to this very day he has been an inspiration for me. He truly is an icon and I have a lot of respect for him.

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My son loved Reading Rainbow, and I got no spare smokes shirt. There was always a rack of books that were talked about on the show. No one can quantify the impact that show had on kids, but this Mom is certainly grateful. I watched him as a kid and loved his character on Star Trek also and now I have a kid we have shown our son to the show and he loves watching reading rainbow along with Mr. Rodgers neighborhood. Without shows like that along with sesame street, a lot of children wouldn’t have learned how things worked or about stories in books and basic education.

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