Hakuna Matata Lion King shirt

Hakuna Matata Lion King shirt

A ghost is a dead person. The Hakuna Matata Lion King shirt. A ghost represents those parts of our past that haunt our present life. The aspect of your present life that is being haunted by some unresolved past experience probly a painful/fearfull one, is the aspect of you that is a teacher. I do not know how you view this professor, but if you simply view him/her as a teacher, then this is what the professor represents in you. If, you view the professor as a fountain of wisdom, however, then the this professor represents your inner spiritual self, that is capable of offering you great insight into life.

Hakuna Matata Lion King shirt, hoodie, sweater and tank top

Hakuna Matata Lion King Hoodie
Hakuna Matata Lion King Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Hakuna Matata Lion King Sweater
Hakuna Matata Lion King Tank top
Tank top

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Running up the mountain to Hakuna Matata Lion King shirt, is a symboolic way od saying you are trying to apply the religious concepts you have learned to your problem. The answer to this question would determine whether you are finding help in your present set of religious ideas, for this haunting of your past, or not. If you are finding help then this means that you are once again able to teach others comfotably, or that you are now able to comfortably recieve wisdom from your own inner wise spiritual guide (professor). If you are not finding help for this haunting of your life, then perhaps you need to get some help talking out some of your past experience with fear and pain. if you do this kind of emotional/psychological work, effectively, you will give the ghost in you the peace it requires and it will cease to haunt your present life.

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