Happy Llamaween Halloween shirt

Happy Llamaween Halloween shirt

I remember one Happy Llamaween Halloween shirt, think it was a Saturday or Sunday when mom was home and would sit down with us for a family dinner when dad didn’t like his dinner, threw the plate at my mom’s face and then stormed out the door breaking the screened glass door. Mom told us, never mind, just eat your dinner. I thought this was normal. My brother was involved in hockey and played all-star which involved a lot of travel so my parents bought a van so they could transport my brother with his equipment and some of the other players to the out of town games.

Happy Llamaween Halloween shirt, hoodie, sweater and tank top

Happy Llamaween Halloween Tank top
Tank top
Happy Llamaween Halloween Hoodie
Happy Llamaween Halloween Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Happy Llamaween Halloween Sweater

Best Happy Llamaween Halloween shirt

One time I went along and dad was so drunk when parking the Happy Llamaween Halloween shirt and behind him while parking the van. At this point, I knew this was not cool or normal and told my mom but again was told to never mind. In my middle teens, my mom finally had enough and started to talk divorce which made my brother and me happy as we knew things weren’t “normal” at that point and this is not how most people lived. My dad tried to stop drinking, started to go to AA and we went to Alanon for a few sessions and then things went back to “normal” and I’d come home from school to see a beer hidden by his chair and booze hidden all over the house.

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