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Forgetting my kids are there I started swearing getting rude and Harry Pothead Harry Potter shirt. Then my brother said I don’t want him at my house. I mean how the hell can you already living for free pissing for free washing and still I’m feeding you that’s pathetic. Then he left and went to my aunt and lived with her for the next week then the following weekend he came back to my house slept there as though nothing happened. While my kids myself and fiancé was asleep he went out and left the doors wide open and shouted the house owners.

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I got up checked the time and it was 4:00am. Harry Pothead Harry Potter shirt and my eldest daughter cried saying she’s scared. Then and there I was done. I told him to leave and never return. We had a argument because according to him I choose my fiancé and kids over him. Then I told him they are my family and I would choose them over anyone. You can fuck with me but you don’t fuck with my kids. When I told him that he has no respect for us nor my house his reply was ” you were never there for me after mom passed away so why the fuck should I care. I was this way when mom was alive so I’ll keep doing it.” I was shocked that this grown ass mother fucker has a small mind. I asked him to leave I don’t want to see him again.

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