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Could you Hennything is possible shirt someone for a clerical position and she has on nails like this? As soon as she walks out, in the shredder the application goes. Could you imagine someone with nails like this going to a professional meeting, representing your company? Sure, the lady in this video may have a great job or career, what about the rest of the ladies that don’t and put this foolery on their nails? Get yourself a chick who’d be down to put a mini bottle on all ten fingers hahaha you could have a shot on the go just kidding that’d be kinda wierd but but crazy enough to work. We aint living right apparently, if we could get a mix of the utensil nails on one hand and these on the other we might be onto something. The things they desire black people to participate in is ridiculous.

Hennything is possible shirt, sweater, hoodie, v-neck t-shirt and longsleeve tee

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Hennything is possible V-neck T-shirt
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It becomes embarrassing Hennything is possible shirt anything but black unity. If you two could be this extra for the fishing trip so we can have mid day mimosas or shots. I wouldn’t complain. What type of low income housing, sit at home all day, make a side hustle, my baby daddy ain’t shit type of shit is this. Well thats it henny in the nail. This one aint no more worse than the nail tech who put live ants in a full set. This is just a case of too much spare time and copyright infringement I know people think it’s creative but what the heck does this liquor do to your finger? Getting my girl to do this next time we go to the club. However all ten fingers will have bottles, save myself on bar tab! Just because we can doesnt mean we should.

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