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Back in the late sixties, I worked at a Horror character movie squad goals shirt. One of my co-workers had contracted polio as a child and her legs had been permanently disabled by it so she used full-leg braces and crutches. She had been born and raised in a very small town in Texas and had only recently moved to New York. It was difficult for her to get around but she was very determined and amazingly resourceful despite how daunting that city can be. She wasn’t making a whole lot of money and always looked for ways to save a dollar here and there. We found out that The Vidal Sassoon Salon downtown had students and that one evening a week they gave free hair cuts and stylings to anyone who was willing to take a chance on someone learning the skill.

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My friend decided to take advantage of that and one morning she came into Horror character movie squad goals shirt. It was absolutely perfect. No matter how she moved or shook her head, all of her hair fell back into place beautifully. We all marveled at the skill of this student. She told us that she had waited for hours but finally hadn’t been able to get a hair cut from a student because it turned out that they were working on a different texture of hair that week. When everyone but her had left they said it was too late and asked her to come back the next week. She wearily started to gather up her crutches and bag and began to leave when the door opened and a man came in. He had, she told us, a British accent and he asked her if she had been helped. She explained to him what had happened and he said that he knew how to cut hair and would like to cut hers. She accepted, grateful that the evening hadn’t been wasted after all.

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