I am a Harry Potter aholic chibi shirt

He was asking me questions about my I am a Harry Potter aholic chibi shirt and began to quiz me on my porphyria cutanea tarde which is a hereditary blood disorder. He went on to ask me about past IV drug use. I looked at him and said never. I told him my experimentation with illegal drugs in my late teen years was marijuana and I realized I was deathly allergic to it. I wheeze and cannot breathe if I smell it burning plus I was trying to get thru college and I was afraid of being around illegal drugs. I really was, I just never experimented after the weed experience. He told me I was lying. I looked at him and told him I was not lying and why would he think I was lying. I’m in the hospital, I want to find out why I developed a bowel obstruction and I’m an RN.

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Why would I lie about anything. He went on to tell me that people with I am a Harry Potter aholic chibi shirt. I looked at him and said how odd, my hematologist told me it was hereditary, we actually traced it and know a grandparent had it, plus I have zero history of IV drug abuse and actually very small history of illegal drug abuse even as a teen. I raised my children and have worked full time as a single Mom to support myself and my children. My life style has never been using drugs or being around them. He then told me that the weed I had been around years ago could have been laced with something and caused the porphyria and the bowel obstruction.

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