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This man could do anything watching I just can’t shirt younger reading his books how powerful he was as a man one man amazing and it just shows what hard work and try in this world can put you amazing there will never ever ever be another Elvis Presley. He was the greatest. And now he has a new fan. I have been helping Abigail get ready for school and checking my ipad. She heard him start to sing and came over to see. Then she repeated it and said, I wish I could sing like that. Another fan from another generation. Yes I was fifteen when he died black man I cried my eyes out he was my idol just think fourty years later we’re still talking about what we talkin about Elvis for years and when I die I hope I get to meet him the best singer I have ever seen.

I just can’t shirt, sweater, hoodie, v-neck t-shirt and longsleeve tee

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They broke the mould after I just can’t shirt, there’s only one Elvis, lot’s of Wannabes, but there’s only one king, loved you forever and always. Just can’t help believing was one of his best songs never understood why it didn’t get the notoriety like wonder of you no one will ever take his place rip. I don’t know if he’s a lie but if he is a lie it doesn’t matter how old he is he tell us and he can send to sing for us again we will enjoy it. There will never be a man like Elvis handsome greatest singer in the world I love you Elvis with all my heart. There us only ine Elvis never will there be another person like this imagine being his mother and father the parents of a man like that.  Elvis Presley is the greatest and everything is music.

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