I like Jesus a latte Starbucks shirt

I also said, in the same phone I like Jesus a latte Starbucks shirt. Oh, and let’s make it no gifts between adults, to keep it simple. The whole thing of wanting gifts for Christmas is more for the kids anyway. I know we don’t want gifts. Do you? That went fine also. Mind you, it’s a much easier conversation to initiate when you are the event organiser, and you are the one with the most kids. However, I’d still initiate the conversation if I wasn’t. “I was thinking, how about we come up with something easier for everybody with the gifts. Now that I’m an adult, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to receive gifts, and I bet a lot of us feel the same way.

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I suppose if they don’t want to go for it, and I like Jesus a latte Starbucks shirt, or time-consuming, or just plain against your principles, you might have to be polite but blunt and say, Well, no gifts for me. Keep me out of the gifting. I’m not buying any or receiving any. Just letting you know in advance. They might be upset about this, but if it’s important to you, hey it’s your right, you’re not doing anything wrong. You can’t control how they feel about it. And they can’t control what you choose or how you feel either.

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