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Another corporate event of the Did you fuck my mom Christmas shirt Warren saying to vote for her because she’s a younger female Bernie Sanders and doesn’t vote for Bernie because he’s unelectable. When Democrats are again too dumb to elect the guy who has been saying the same things for decades that you now agree with because the billionaires who own the media don’t want him upsetting their system of corporate bribery, you will deserve four more years of Trump.I hope the American people remember when they go to vote that the Democrats promised you could keep your doctor and then forced you to buy health insurance you couldn’t afford and then fined people thousands for not being able to afford it…and then gave it to illegal for free. Watch the later news.

Did you fuck my mom Christmas shirt, hoodie, sweater and tank top

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They can sum up this show as the Did you fuck my mom Christmas shirt a movie review! A lot of talking, all hate Trump,  must say dialoguethen free stuff, avoid who will pay just say free! You lost many but ignorant will listen to free! Sad nothings free and liberals are selling it, but nothing is free! This one should be entertaining. Biden will be on the hot seat for the Ukraine matter. The others will use it to attack him to weaken him, at the same time acknowledging the matter needs investigating. It will be curious to watch this unfold and how the press handles it. I love the support by the parents to wear the masks. Poor sweet baby, prayers and healing hands for the doctors as she has surgery.

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