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I am tired of this shut the front door and Impeach Trump shirt made our country better. I voted and I don’t believe in these lies. Six democratic people have decided oh all these cry wolf because Clinton didn’t win we would been in far worst with her in office. She stolen lied and broken laws. Trump is wonderful president. I’m sorry you feel so low about a guy that no one really met in person. Give him time show compassion during our holiday season. I hope everyone in the government can realize Thanksgiving is in few days try to remember the peace for your family. I am continuing to say I am Trump vote and loyal to the commander in chief. It’s painful reading your rant. Please correct the spelling and grammatical errors before attempting to make a legitimate argument, so that the rest of us can at least understand what the heck you’re saying.

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Impeach Trump Sweater
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The economy is doing well, more jobs and Impeach Trump shirt borders, trying to replace Obamacare and supporting our troops! That’s what he is supposed to do democrats! Vonda, news flash, the economy is doing well as a result of president Obama’s efforts, not the orange buffoon. How is he protecting the borders, tell me? Supporting the troops? How? Let’s see how much you really know. I believe you are just a parrot repeating what you hear. Let’s go Forwards, not backwards. Keep up the great work president, you are making America great again! Sadly the Democratic want to destroy America and won’t work with you to make things better. Drain the swamp and remove the negative people from office and replace them with people who will do there job correctly and honorable! I’d prefer to see him behind bars for the crimes.

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