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If you didn’t have so many Itmfa shirt and illegals voting democrat Hillary lost the popular vote as well as electoral college. I’m legit on the edge of my seat, anxious to see the evidence that Levi comes up with. So if I disagree with this guy I’m a racist? Don’t know that I’m a big fan of electoral college, but damn. And the whole slave states thing zoomed right over my head. Is he just trying to say the inflammatory things possible, regardless of whether they make sense? Beating a dead horse but we wouldn’t have Donald Trump in office and with corporate democrats throwing Bernie under the bus and going with Hillary we would have Bernie sanders in office. Abolish the electoral college. Amend the second amendment.

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Brad buhrkuhl that was fine when Itmfa shirt horses to get to other states, and it took three months in a boat to even get a message across the ocean. Times have changed. Electoral College gives every state a voice when it come to a presidential election in not it would only take several large states to decide the out come for all fifty! Stupidity at its finest when thing don’t go your way. We’re a representative republic, not a democracy. Go back to history class and ask the greeks why democracy didn’t work. I don’t understand why Savage is repeatedly brought back. He reduces the intellectual level of every episode by resorting to low brow commentary just to get a laugh. There are dozens of real time regulars who have the ability to sustain a real conversation stick with them. It wasn’t created to protect slave states. It was created because states were worried about their power once they joined the union and to entice them to join the union.

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