John Wick don’t mess with my dog shirt

I’ve never forgotten it, and when I feel sorry for John Wick don’t mess with my dog shirt and realize that no matter the circumstance, a positive outlook is the best medicine. So no, these folks were not famous, but they certainly made an impact on my life. Ours was love marriage. We were classmates. There was a little objection from both sides as I belonged to middle class family and was filthy rich. But then luck favoured us and by the grace of god we got married. I was on cloud nine. I couldn’t believe my stars. It was all good in the beginning. He didn’t do anything to earn but I was too naive to point that out.

John Wick don’t mess with my dog shirt, hoodie, sweater and tank top

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Best John Wick don’t mess with my dog shirt

They owned a lot of property and I actually didn’t realise that my John Wick don’t mess with my dog shirt. My mother in law was a government employee and we had 5 tenants in our house plus other properties which were on rent so there was no scarcity of money. Life was literally bed of roses. Every thing was good except for one thing my hubby would always doubtful about my character. He wouldn’t like me talking to my brother in law or any Male member of the family. I never took it seriously. I thought he was just possessive about me. Life went on and I wanted to work so I picked up a job. He didn’t like it first but I insisted so he allowed.

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