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Sagar Pradhan only the people Just ram it shirt metros for them it does not matter. Once upon a time long long ago, There was a pure devotee of the lord ram, lived in dense forest daily cleaning the path in front of her house for lot of years because of a prophecy that ram will pass this street and might visit her, Shabri never gave up, maybe this current issue does not matter to the city elites but there are devotees in remote areas of India where lord ram is still in wait. Also the population in the villages are 8 times to that of the metros. So even if we read and remain so educated in social media the majority supersede us in their faith. Happy Diwali, let’s welcome lord ram at least in our hearts. Who is tarek fateh to give advice to indian muslims, i dont know why this Pakistani is being entertained in indian channels.

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Common muslims Just ram it shirt in Pakistan want to live peacefully with Hindus but the problem is in both countries some religious leaders and community leaders and even government’s in both countries create roadblocks. There should not be any discussion. About it every one know’s that how masjid got constructed. So please don’t strech it this much. Other wise only some people in power will get benefited. We will make fool of over selves. I am surprised that people listen to this person who stir ill sentiments among people. These two nations can do wonders if their governments focus on people betterment rather than playing religious war which only increases hate. Hope India and Pakistan have peace which they had for thousands of years before. Spread peace and root out extremism. Okay don’t allow him to brain wash cooperate in building ram.

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