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Another one is that the hips and pelvis don’t open as widely in this position and Labyrinth characters Friends tv show shirt and the women might hemorrhage. The women were overheating, barely breathing, fighting gravity off, and now instead of being with their family, and reassuring women they knew they had to flash their genitals to men, the added stress wasn’t helping either. And the worst for the end, back then we didn’t figure how diseases spread. And doctors see sick people, that’s literally their jobs. So they would touch ill people, touching infected wounds and such then go touch the genitals of a heathy woman giving birth.

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Many women died of puerperal fever before a Labyrinth characters Friends tv show shirt. So basically on top of all the suffering men added on women going through childbirth over the centuries, they simply started killing them off by giving them illness that could have been prevented by simply not having doctors there to begin with. Then modern times, and medicine, allowed to slowly reverse all the bad that was done, research was done that showed that less doctors intervene more the risks decrease, that the natural positions have better outcomes than medical ones, and even on painkillers, it has been “discovered” that once we don’t impose all those ill advised practices on women suddenly they don’t seem to need painkillers anymore.

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