Leftovers it’s never butter shirt

Leftovers it's never butter shirt

16Going to do this over the Leftovers it’s never butter shirt.  have to substitute for the coconut (coconut allergy) do you think rice, soy, or oat milk.  I have tried using soy milk as a sub and it works fine. You might need to adjust the baking time or amount of liquid you use. Enjoy. This isn’t a post about food. Rather, it’s about what this represents. I had a grandmother who could make something out of practically nothing, combining different leftovers out of the refrigerator into something new and, at the very least, edible.

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Best Leftovers it’s never butter shirt

I never knew my grandmother as an adult, only as a kid. But today, this one’s for you, gramma. A Leftovers it’s never butter shirt? No. Together it was better than the ingredients separately. But today, it reminded me of my gramma. Note, I’ve never considered myself a “cook”. More of an assembler or a “heat it up”, kind of person. So anything I make without a recipe, that’s edible, is a food victory for me.I left it like that, didn’t reply or anything. I just joined my mom in the kitchen. Cooking with my mom always helped. I mean, she did most of the cooking but just being there in the kitchen with her while she did everything was just amazing. All the stories she told me were funny. Most of them were from when she was young. Listening to all those stories made me realize how happy my mom was as a child, especially when she was my age.⠀

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