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Wow. Every time I read a comment section, Love mimilife shirt much ignorance and hate there really is in the world. This comment section was no exception. Love is love! And, it’s beautiful to see two people very much in love! She was never a boy and he was never a girl, they were just assigned those at birth. i know this video is trying to be supportive but it’s important to remember that. Seriously, the surgeon who did the boy’s chest surgery is amazing. Basically no scarring. Very impressive. It depends on how it is done. Most of the time with the traditional double masectomy you’ll see scarring, heavy or light depending on a lot of factors. I had keyhole, peri-areolar – they went around my nipples as opposed to under the skin. My chest looks like this! The surgeon did do a lovely job, but procedural results vary widely!

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Scarring isn’t a sign of a bad surgery, Love mimilife shirt one available for that specific man’s chest. If they are just like any other couple then why make an article about them? That’s cause they’re are not like any other couple! I can’t understand people’s ignorance and arrogance about these people. Their brains are wired that way with no fault of their own. Stop judging them and try to have compassion for those who are different and have this struggle. At least these two are peaceful rather than nasty and cruel. That dude will never hit the gym and gain muscle like a normal male because God made you to be a woman not a man. Playing with genetics is a dangerous area for this world to be in, just because you feel like you should be a boy or you feel like a girl doesn’t mean change.

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