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My daughter is mentally and physically Love someone with autism shirt at school they have peer mentors ..the mentors were the football and softball teams and cheerleaders and other seniors the coach asked them to mentor our special kids and our kids loved the attention they got from them, she was picked on one day and her mentor for the day was our school main basketball player and as he walked up to where she was, he heard what was said to her and about the others he went off on them and he took up for her and the others and he better never hear another bad word about our kids ever again and he hugged her, his name is Dominque Hawkins basketball player. I hugged him when I picked her up, I cried people don’t understand they are the sweetest and the most loving kids you will ever meet.

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All they want is love and kindness and friends, Love someone with autism shirt they encourage all students not just from their school. That’s unconditional love. I met Julian and his mother last year. I joined in on the ride for justice for Julian where a group of bikers picked him up on motorcycles and drove him to school. what a wonderful person Julian is, such big smiles wonderful personality. Bullying is one of the major issues that needs to be addressed. Haven’t you noticed that most of these school shooters have obviously been picked on at some point. Doesn’t take a Freud to figure this out. There has to be a zero tolerance policy enforced for bullying in every school. Bullying is a form of violence not only in words but in actions. I am so thankful there are wonderful students as well as the community.

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