Maleficent is this Jolly enough Christmas shirt, sweater

The following morning, I recall my wife returning from the Maleficent is this Jolly enough Christmas shirt, our only bathroom, ashen faced, wordlessly pointing to the room she had so recently attempted to utilise. I composed myself and cautiously looked inside, her look of horror was such that I had half expected to find our guest’s corpse. Standing priapicly proud of the toilet’s basin stood an edifice so large and ponderous, so statuesque in its glory, so pleased with its own magnificence, like a shitue of Liberty, a pooingham Palace or a deficated coconut, sat a pile of crap so large that it had blocked our one and only toilet. Surrounded by a suspiciously clear moat of still toilet water. Once I had to use public transportation. A child about six was raging on the seat next to me.

Maleficent is this Jolly enough Christmas shirt, hoodie, sweater and tank top

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His mother stared at the window with a blank expression, not Maleficent is this Jolly enough Christmas shirt. He kept tugging and tugging at her sleeve. Trees were floating outside the window, the rain was drizzling, it was a gray day. The child kept asking for something, didn’t give up. And then suddenly she turned around from the window to him, heaved his hand to himself and hissed. As if nothing had happened, people dozed off in the bus. I sat, unable to move. But the boy didn’t cry. She threw off his hand and turned back to the window. He didn’t rage anymore, somehow he became silent instantly. He looked at the torn back of the seat in front of him and was silent. I had the desire to get up and in front of everyone and tear her apart.

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