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So what was with the Michael Scott Santa Mike Christmas shirt, and why was she pushing so hard for the second place? As turns out there was some truth to story about the brother, he really did get beat up in the general are of the apartment complex. With that said it was not for no reason, it was a drug deal gone wrong, and all the people involved so not even live in the apartment complex. When we went and looked at the second place, she remembered attending one of the greatest parties of her life, and thought it would be awesome to life in such close range to that. She was willing to make my dad believe the new place was unsafe, so that we could move to a place that may actually have been unsafe if those kinds of parties are being thrown.

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Was quite a bit more Michael Scott Santa Mike Christmas shirt, and may not have been able to take us in before we possibly got kicked out of our current home. The anger resurrected itself  when she started bringing our daughter to this ridiculous evangelical church where the bulk of their preaching consisted of badmouthing Catholics. When my daughter was about four years old I just gave up on the church obligations as it became too inconvenient to keep the two parts of my life apart. I’ve been divorced a few years now, and I just started going to mass again a couple months ago. It feels much better now that I don’t have to hide it from anyone, yet I still feel a certain sadness when I see complete families together at mass.

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