Night Fury and Light Fury Christmas shirt, sweater

The camera is fixed on the warehouse office. It frames the desk and a series of Night Fury and Light Fury Christmas shirt. Suddenly enters the employee of which I told at the beginning, together with the sales manager. They kiss, then he sits her on the desk and takes off her pants, then starts licking her pussy. The images are in black and white and with a resolution that today would make you laugh, but I could see everything, very well. I’m embarrassed. Embarassed as hell. My owner is furious. Suddenly, she gets up, unbuttons his jeans and starts giving him a blowjob. A very nice blowjob!

Night Fury and Light Fury Christmas shirt, hoodie, sweater and tank top

Ladies tee
Tank top

Best Night Fury and Light Fury Christmas shirt

Then she turns around offering him her ass and Night Fury and Light Fury Christmas shirt, while holding her breast in his hands. The thing goes on for few minutes, until he cums on her ass and on her back. Then the two recompose themselves. He takes a backpack he had with him and fills it with processing tools with products that were stored in the warehouse. We don’t realize the unfathomable amount of chemical reactions and events that happen even in a tiny bit of living material. Every chemical reaction in life happens for a natural reason. There is locally no purpose in them, they are natural events. However, we dont see plain reactions, we see for example mitochondria, cells, etc.

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