Official crosby love shirt

Official crosby love shirt

I can’t get over all the criticism about the Official crosby love shirt. Seriously people she has parents who are doing a great job and I’m sure to know what is appropriate. First of all the lyrics are about a car ride to get your minds out of the gutter. Yes, it has other connotations an adult would read into but the little girl is singing a song and that’s it! Agree completely. I see a dad and daughter having fun singing a song she likes to sing. The people who think this is inappropriate are the ones being inappropriate within their thoughts.

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Would they have received the same thoughts if this was Disney’s little mermaid kiss the Official crosby love shirt like some of the other clearly scripted videos we see of little girls acting like adults? This video is precious just like the other duets they’ve made. Claire is simply adorable. I dont think the song inappropriate as such, I just dont get why he sings a song with her that she doesn’t understand or can relate to. Criticize me for that opinion that’s fine but for most singers and musicians you have to relate to the song and lyrics its what music is about.

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