Official Munch Squad shirt

Official Munch Squad shirt

I finally mustered up the courage to Official Munch Squad shirt. It’s terrifying when you seriously contemplate standing in front of others and ask a guy out. I was incredibly vulnerable. I was panicking I shouldn’t do this I thought. I should wait. He’ll think I’m desperate and pity me! It’ll all be a huge disappointment. The moment came. I finally stood before him. But before I could say anything, he had sensed it all. I don’t know how! He realised why I was acting all weird the last couple of days. So you know what girl, just fucking go for it. It isn’t 1950 anymore. Gender roles are stupid.

Official Munch Squad shirt, hoodie, sweater and tank top

Official Munch Squad Hoodie
Official Munch Squad Ladies tee
Ladies tee
Official Munch Squad Sweater
Official Munch Squad Tank top
Tank top

Best Official Munch Squad shirt

If he’s somehow offended or emasculated by Official Munch Squad shirt, find out where he stashed his time machine and take it for a joy ride. The solution to your problem lies in your problem, itself. You need to understand that a woman dressed in bikini or in sari is still not ‘asking for it’. Just like you have a right to wear what you feel like, the ladies to do. Now, let’s use an example: You walk by your dream car on the road, you really want that car but you keep walking, you don’t steal it. You appreciate the beauty but you keep walking without even the desire to steal that car.

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