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I mean most of us complaining about how inappropriate people behave during the national anthem sit in their underwear at home buried in Doritos and Bud Light. Having said that Trump did act weird as heck, maybe he had a sip of champagne and got wasted. You appear not to understand the nature of sport or even the meaning of the word cheating so you’ve decided what the rules are and have invented cheating in the case of,mainly Nike and their Vaporfly shoes. Rules have now been changed so it is now not permitted to use the shoes in international competition. The shoes incorporated something that was allowable, namely, the combination of carbon leaf springs in the sole and a much thicker sole so giving a bigger rebound effect enabling faster running.

Rush Starman Irush shirt

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Other manufact6have cried foul, mainly because they didn’t think of it and could see business disappear towards Nike and IAAF, or whatever the international athletics body is now called, were forced to make a ruling. If you exploit lax rule draughting or simply unthought of innovation it is legal. As soon as rules are changed you must comply. Nike were not cheating ,merely innovating. I hope you understand this now and maybe might change the incorrect usage of words in the question.

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