Official Sloth in pocket shirt

Sloth in pocket shirt

This technique was extremely effective. As the Official Sloth in pocket shirt the Russians had more and more artillery until they could batter German positions into the dirt. This strategy was so effective that post-war strategy of the Russians centered around artillery bombardment. At one point in 1945 the Germans, commanded by a nameless, clueless German general, sent an entire division into attack against prepared Russian positions. The Russian artillery destroyed the entire German division to a man, not a single survivor.

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Heinrici swore this would never happen to his men and it was his efforts the Official Sloth in pocket shirt. When things got really grim, he took it upon himself to send his men home, knowing the war would be over in days and not wanting them to be the last to die. At the time of Operation Bagration in July 1944, the writing was on the walls and the High Command knew it was over. Bagration, the Russian attack in the East, was the most successful offensive operation along a long front in the history of warfare. Despite warnings from Gehlen and German Generals such as Kietel that the entire Eastern Front was a house of cards, Hitler wouldn’t let the Germans retreat and the Russians cut through them like a knife through butter.

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