Oh doris where’s the Salad shirt

My husband rang the Oh doris where’s the Salad shirt. It turns out the old man had escaped from an elderly home over an hour away and had dementia, too. He’d taken the wrong bus and ended up in an unfamiliar area. AKA he was totally lost and confused. So, the police contacted his family and the home he belonged to and notified them he was safe. My husband then drove the old man half way to where he belonged so his SIL could collect him and take him back to his home.

Oh doris where’s the Salad shirt, hoodie, sweater and tank top

Ladies tee
Tank top

Best Oh doris where’s the Salad shirt

I made the old man a cup of tea and chatted with him while my husband was on the Oh doris where’s the Salad shirt. I shudder to think what would’ve happened to the poor man if we hadn’t needed to go to the shop to stock up on groceries! My husband, being military was stationed out of the country for a 2 year tour. I reluctantly agreed to set my career aside for a bit and go. My only demand rent our own home away from military housing. Those of you that know, it can be a bore. The drama and theatrics all consuming. He didn’t understand but I was insistent.

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