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It’s sad that this artform is dying along with Read everyday shirt used to work as a goldsmith for over fifty years until he retired. He still makes some small assignments though, but in nowdays it’s very hard to make a good living with only craftsmanship. My grandfather was a shoemaker cordwainer and continued to do so until he was eighty seven you, I have two pair that he made for me as a child! Wow! I never knew what it takes to make a good shoe. It takes a great craftsman to create such a beautiful shoe. Also the level of hands on the shaping, coloring hammering I am impressed. Brought back memories of growing up with my grandfather the cobbler and my first pair of soccer boots he made for me and his beer. I had no idea of the workmanship involved in making a pair of shoes by hand! Gorgeous work and workmanship both!

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I once had two pair of shoes made Read everyday shirt fit and feel the experience was great. They were to be patterened after a pair of high heels that I loved the shoemaker pointed out each spot that the shoes I was wearing hurt me, he said the ones he was making would not hurt, they never did. Incredible craftsman. Brought tears to my eyes, seeing the tools used. Childhood memories of my father, once champion shoemaker of essex. Cobbling is almost a lost art and I agree, they last forever and if they do wear out, they can be resoled. Skill like this should never be neglected or lost, it should be taught and taught. When my bro was in the Navy overseas, he asked me to trace my foot and send it to him.

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