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I have this theory that  into the Beets by schrute shirt someone’s property, used a weapon to kill them and then said they didn’t realize it was the wrong apartment, it would be an easy murder charge. But because she’s a cop the system doesn’t want to prosecute one of their own. What kind of mediocre cop isn’t aware of their surroundings? What kind of mediocre cop enters an apartment and doesn’t notice that the furniture is different, the smell is different? What kind of mediocre cop shoots someone who is on a couch eating ice cream?! Why couldn’t she take 5 seconds to look around and realize she was wrong, apologize and walk out?! She’s unfit to be a police officer, and obviously unfit in general. Nobody in their right mind would have done this. She needs to pay for her crime.

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If she was scared because was in the Beets by schrute shirt her apartment she should have done police tell others to do. Leave and call the police! she had to be impaired to have not known the floor and that it was not her apartment.I keep seeing the mess they leave after protesting for the environment and can’t help but wonder who’s going to clean up the mess when they’re finished. He’s so full of sh’t he thinks he’s worth the world and talks so much crap, go get your degree and try another field of work like you said big mouth. At first, I thought that was a little dachshund wrapped in a towel. Then I saw the word “bat” and realized I was looking at a fruit bat. Those are just way too sweet looking.

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