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I don’t think this is funny at all. Snake tragar union rebellion shirt because of a stupid prank like this. Some of these people were running into the street without looking. I mean really? I’m all for fun and pranking someone, but not like this especially not the next clip of fake shootings. Just wait, someone is bound to get hurt and let’s see how funny it is then. I didn’t find any of it funny. I watched till the shooting part and that was it. I was done. These guys have a sick sense of humour and I hope they were arrested for the shooting pranks. The snake was funny, but the shooting at the end will get you idiots killed. If this is in the Unites States, don’t forget that people conceal carry. If a pedestrian doesnt retaliate then the authorities most likely will if they see it. Someone is going to get hurt with the shooting prank.

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They gonna roll up on the wrong person and Snake tragar union rebellion shirt. People are on edge nowadays. Dear fellas do not entertain this kind of pranks it is seriously life threatening, there are lots of people who are injured and also in some case deaths, so I kindly urge please do not support these kind of pranks. Good prank. But the drive by shooting totally killed the mood! To push your racist agenda for a few ignorant laughs? Shame on you. That was hilarious until the little shooting prank where I live, you wouldn’t make it down the road half a mile if you pulled that. Shouldn’t be doing pranks on people in wheelchairs and crutches, obviously it’s not going to help there injuries heal if they dive on to the ground, jokes not funny if people are getting hurt cause of it.

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