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When asked if I was going to take one of their free public defenders or hire a Snoopy no one fights alone shirt, I told this district attorney that I have had bad luck with hiring a public defender before and that I believe lawyers are taught in school how to make cases lean in their favor whether it is real or not and that I didn’t see a point in hiring a lawyer for the obvious and asked if I could represent myself in court. The Attorney responded that I had every legal right according to National Federal Law to represent myself in court and he even advised me on how to better handle the case myself and what steps I should take and the time frame I have to accomplish them in.

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They consistently were telling me to just plea guilty and Snoopy no one fights alone shirt, but I threw my evidence at them, and that I was fully acknowledging and familiar with my rights, the laws, and procedures and filing within regulations and order of evidence and court case files. They knew they were getting called out and they set me up to fail. Told me that the case was expunged because I was found innocent and that I didn’t have to show up to court, I asked if I could have a copy of the case report and they told me that If I didn’t go to the court house and request a copy of the report before the date they had previously specified as me having to go to court then I wouldn’t be able to obtain it because it will have been expunged by that point.

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