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I love pink. She is so positive in so many ways. Stinky pinky shirt, energy around people. God, has given her the power to bring others joy, by speaking her words. I absolutely love her for so many reasons. She is wise beyond her years, and always has so many inspiring things to say. She is an amazing mother, artist, and role model and her music has gotten me through some of my toughest moments. Pink is an amazing person with a great soullove, love, love her. She stands for all of us no matter who we are and what our choices are we all should be accepting of others! Remember until you walk a day in someone else’s shoes your will never know there struggles so be more compassionate and less judgemental. The key is acceptance. Not just of gay marriage,but of everything society deems different or not the norm.

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I suffer with mental health problems, Stinky pinky shirt of people’s narrow minded ideas. Their still remains a lot of stigma towards differentness if that is the word. We need to be compassionate,loving and accepting towards other’s if we are to leave this negativity behind. I just love this woman. I have been a supporter of her from the day she told her promotion company that she wasn’t going to change who she was to please supporters. They told her to change her look and be more like Brittany Speers! She basically told them to fuck off. I love who this woman is! Keep it up beautiful. Give up yourself to Jesus for salvation and he will care and love you always no matter what. If anyone ever asked me who in this world I would want to meet hang out with and share stories it would be this woman.

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