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My husband and Stitch Dutch Bros coffee shirt. We had already had issues with this hospital with our older son. My husband threatened to sue the hospital if they didn’t let our baby go home without threatening CPS involvement. They finally agreed with the condition that the hospital social worker would call every day for the next week to ensure our son was okay and they would contact a local agency to send out a home health nurse the next week. We got to take him home, but we had home health involved for a month afterward even though our baby was thriving. As for nursing, it was too late.

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My milk never did come in right because of all the Stitch Dutch Bros coffee shirt and lack of nursing, so I wasn’t able to nurse him after all. It was just another day working a shift in a nursing home. We all know what a shitshow those jobs are. We were understaffed, out of supplies and linen and pharmacy didn’t deliver the meds needed. It’s not unusual for the boss to mandate nurses to work as aides, so that was how that need was covered once it came to light that the agencies the facility worked with could find no staff willing to come there. One of the nurses never showed up, so now we were also down a nurse and the one nurse that was there refused to take the keys because she did not want to be responsible for the entire unit.

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