Straight outta chemo shirt

Straight outta chemo shirt

I saw something quite neat, but a certain part stuck with Straight outta chemo shirt, as I witnessed the atoms charge, they’d become charged magnetically and were iridescent, but they seemed to not be what it was until a charge was applied, H2O, this was the decay of the process, but it would seem water is only after being altered, from other constituent elements. Then I investigated, seems every current atomic capable microscope applies a charge to ‘view’ atoms, damaging the probes and the atoms of the mass being ‘looked’ at.

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Sure, this will show hydrogen and oxygen are Straight outta chemo shirt, but I have seen the atoms enough to have generated a few different theories. I now question how complete or aware our current understandings of physics or chemistry is in relation to atoms. Not to say we don’t know enough to muddle through, but that simply our understanding is incomplete. Don’t believe me? When you go out to eat look around. Observe the faces looking down while people sit directly across from one another. The art of communication is being lost and story telling skills in day to day conversation are diminishing. Newer generations don’t know how to interact with peers and the loss of a phone, to access social media, is almost a cataclysmic event in people’s lives!

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